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District Logo Graphics Standards Manual

Michigan District, LCMS Styleguide 

Press Release Policy for District Communications

Press releases, written requests for publication, or publicity will be accepted for consideration to be published in the supplement to Michigan in Touch Online and printed supplement, the Weekly E-newsletter, Website, and Social Media avenues. The publication of any information is at the complete discretion of the Michigan District.

Items that are accepted for publication in Michigan In Touch Online and printed supplement are to support the purpose statement of the magazine. Advertisement space is available in the printed supplement Michigan In Touch, in accordance with the rate card. Currently, only those with non-profit mailing authorization from the USPS can submit advertisement. The Michigan District retains the right to refuse advertising space for any reason.

Congregations, Recognized Service Organizations, and auxiliaries of the church are encouraged to provide mission and ministry news and announcements of upcoming events for consideration of inclusion in the Michigan District Weekly E-newsletter, Website, and Social Media avenues. Consideration for inclusion will include relevancy to the District at large and timeliness of the information. The Weekly E-newsletter, Website, and Social Media avenues are resources for congregations and their leadership and are not intended to be used for the promotion of individual endeavors.

Approved March 19, 2004

Amended October 26, 2011
Executive Ministry Team
Michigan District, LCMS

Photo Release Forms and Verbiage Samples

Standard Release Form

The Michigan District, LCMS obtains release forms every time we photograph and/or record an event or presentation that we intend to utilize in publications, on the web, etc. Churches and schools are encouraged to adapt the form below for use every year, to have obtained permission forms on file.

District Video / Audio / Photo Acknowledgement and Release Form

Release Verbiage on Registration Forms

For certain events, where tracking attendees and photo permissions is challenging due to the number of attendees, we add the following consent verbiage to the registration form:

“By registering my child/youth for this event, I am authorizing the Michigan District to obtain and use reasonable photographs, audio, and video of my child for purposes of Michigan District records, public relations, and/or advertising in print, video, and web media outlets.”

If there is a parent who simply does not consent, but still wants their child to participate, we encourage the parent to explain to the child that any time a photo is being taken, they must excuse themselves.

Social Media Policy

Michigan District Social Media Policy – Terms & Conditions

Media Contact

For staff biographies and photos and all other inquiries, please contact Debby Fall, Director of Communications.