Board of Directors

What does the Board of Directors do?

The Michigan District Board of Directors manages and supervises the district’s business and legal affairs, implements the decisions of the national and district conventions, and allocates necessary funds for the support of the national and district budgets.

Why they do it

Board members are elected by the District Convention and serve in grateful response to God’s grace to help fulfill the mission of the District: vigorously to make known the love of Christ by word and deed within our churches (congregations), communities, and world. The Board values love, faithfulness to God’s Word, compassion, service, and accountability.

How they carry it out

  • Through resources: There are the many gifts, talents, and means (assets) that God the Holy Spirit has freely given us, individually and corporately, to use to honor Him by accomplishing the mission
  • Through timely response to the needs and inquiries of our constituents and culture
  • Through effective communication to constituents
  • Through strategic and responsible stewardship of our collective and individual assets

Who are the members of the Board of Directors?

The Michigan District Board of Directors is comprised of voting members: one ordained minister, one commissioned minister, and two laypersons from each region; and non-voting officers:

President: Rev. David A. Davis

1st Vice President: Rev. Dean M. Davenport (Metro West Region)

2nd Vice President: Rev. Darryl L. Andrzejewski (Metro East Region)

3rd Vice President: Rev. Craig L. Bickel (West Region)

4th Vice President: Rev. Erik K. Cloeter (North and East Region)

Secretary: Rev. J. Derek Riddle

Treasurer: Mrs. Bonnie L. Mann

Chairman of Circuit Visitors: Rev. Michael Roth

Region: Metro East (2025)

Ordained: Rev. Stephen D. Grafe
Commissioned: Ms. Natalie A. Haupt
Lay Persons: Mr. Stephen R. Boergert (Chairman) & Mrs. Alicia Winget

Region: Metro West (2028)

Ordained: Rev. Joel H. Sarrault
Commissioned: Mr. Daniel R. Burk
Lay Persons: Mr. Scott Beam & Mr. Robert Brooks, Jr.

Region: North and East (2028)

Ordained: Rev. Dennis W. Matyas
Commissioned:  Mrs. Jennifer L. Krause
Lay Persons: Mrs. Kathryn A. Engelhardt & Mr. John W. Nutzmann

Region: West (2025)

Ordained: Rev. Paul C. Appold
Commissioned: Mrs. Lori S. Wieneke
Lay Persons: Mrs. Cheri McConomy & Mr. O. Dennis Sohn

Regular Guests

James R. Saalfeld, Chairman – Church Extension Fund CEO
Chad Woltemath, Assistant to the President – Business / Finance – Michigan District, LCMS

Contact the Board of Directors – Via Email

Board of Directors Contact Form


Contact the Board of Directors – Via Letter

To contact the Board of Directors, please address written correspondence to: Board of Directors, Michigan District, LCMS, 3773 Geddes Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105.