We're here to help.

Congregation Mission and Ministry Facilitators (CMMFs) are experienced District staff members deployed to assist ministry staff and lay leaders in order to strengthen and support local churches and schools.

Common Struggles

Is your ministry working through:

  • The call process & staffing
  • Mission renewal
  • Leadership training
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Conflict management
  • Community engagement
  • Team building
  • Partnering with fellow ministries
  • New ministry startups

Who are the Facilitators?

A CMMF is assigned to each congregation of the District. Currently, the CMMF team is comprised of:

Rev. Randy Johnson

North Zone (Interim Southwest Zone)

Rev. Dr. Todd Jones

Thumb Zone (Interim)

Rev. Dr. Robert Kasper

Metro Zone (Interim Southwest Zone)

Travis Grulke

Superintendent of Schools

Interested in Starting a Ministry?

StartNew and StartNew Explorer are resources that enable launching new ministries which create opportunities to share the gospel. All new ministry projects in either of the StartNew initiatives seek to create an environment where lives can be transformed by the gospel. Are you ready?  Your facilitator can guide you through the process.


In order to assist congregations in effectively reaching their communities, the Michigan District has made available a demographics program whereby congregations can study the population, economic, and cultural trends of the area around them.