School Services

The Department of Lutheran Schools works with congregations sponsoring educational choices for children through a professionally planned program and paid staff. The primary goal is to network congregations to become aware of others’ “Best Practices” and unique innovations in Christ-centered ministries that can be replicated in new settings. Our services include:

  • An Early Childhood Committee to offer consultations on day care and Early Childhood ministry to congregations seeking assistance;
  • School Board presentations to help school boards understand their roles and the division of authority with the school administrator;
  • School Committees (gatherings of Regional Principal Representatives) to assist the alignment of school ministry with the need of congregational schools;
  • National Lutheran School Accreditation to help schools closely evaluate their needs and develop a plan for future improvement;
  • Professional development opportunities for principals, admissions counselors, early childhood directors, and youth teachers;
  • Athletic contests for school athletes emphasizing Christian sportsmanship and excellence in cross country, track, volleyball, and basketball;
  • Help with monitoring and addressing the Roster status of commissioned ministers.

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