Hearts for Jesus

The Hearts for Jesus recipient for 2023/2024 is Christian Outreach for Africa (COFA).

For more information visit their website: africaoutreach.org

Beginning in 1972, Lutheran Elementary Schools in Michigan have gathered their February chapel offerings and designated them for a ministry selected by the District. Over the years, students have given over 1.8 million dollars to numerous causes. Ministries selected are based on the following three criteria:

  1. The ministry allows children to minister to children. (What Lutheran students do here makes a difference in a child’s life through the chosen ministry.)
  2. An educational component is involved. Michigan District children learn about another part of the world, its people, and their customs.
  3. It furthers the Kingdom of Christ. We will work with LCMS or non-LCMS ministries. We can focus on the state, country, or globally, but will not support a ministry that preaches salvation other than through Christ Jesus. Consideration will be given to regularly include LCMS ministries in the rotation.

Ministries selected must provide a publicity package and share their information in a short presentation at the August Principals’ Conference currently held at Higgins Lake, Michigan. Contact Travis Grulke or at 888.225.2111 for more information.

Future Recipients

2024/2025 recipient will be MOST Ministries – www.mostministries.org

2025/2026 recipient will be LeadaChild – www.leadachild.org

Here is a listing of past Hearts for Jesus Projects and Contributions.