Our Here We Stand Campaign has ended and reached our goal! We raise over $10,370,000 for Professional Church Worker Scholarships, Michigan District Endowment Fund, Innovative Missional Ministries, and International Ministries.

14 Ways to Give

There are many ways to financially support the Here We Stand Campaign or other ministries of the Michigan District.

Charity Motor Car Donation

One of the many ways available to support Michigan District, LCMS ministry is through the Charity Motors Car Donation Program.

Thrivent Choice

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is continuing its grant program called Thrivent Choice.

Please prayerfully consider directing your Choice Dollars to the mission and ministry of the Michigan District, LCMS. Sign up by phone or online.


Endowment Fund

When a gift is given to a Michigan District Endowment Fund, whether to an existing fund or one that you establish, your gift never goes away. It is there forever because the principal is never touched. Only the earnings, or a designated amount of the earnings, are used for current or future ministry in the Michigan District.