Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund

When a gift is given to a Michigan District Endowment Fund, whether to an existing fund or one that you establish, your gift never goes away. It is there forever because the principal is never touched. Only the earnings, or a designated amount of the earnings, are used for current or future ministry in the Michigan District. † As the Endowment Fund increases over time from investment growth and/or from additional funds being added, the likelihood of more funds being available for ministry purposes also increases. The result of a well-funded Endowment is more, and better, Michigan District ministry. † To guide and monitor this Michigan District Endowment program is the Endowment Advisory Council (EAC). The EAC watches over the investment of the Endowment funds to ensure that the investment strategy is being adhered to, resulting in acceptable levels of growth within the current market capability. The EAC meets four times annually to review fund status and to make any necessary adjustments to continue maximum Endowment Fund growth. Please consider allowing us to talk with you about Michigan District Endowment Funds and the impact they are having on District ministry.

How is the interest earnings used?

Student Aid: 39% – To provide scholarship aid to individuals preparing at a Concordia

University System school or seminary for service to the Church as a Professional Church Worker.

Missions: 36% – To provide distributions to aid mission and ministry work of the Michigan District (i.e., new mission congregations, expansion of existing missions, or new ministry opportunities).

Special Purposes: 19% – To make gifts to specific missions and ministries (i.e., Lutheran Hour Ministries, urban ministries, named congregations) as determined by the fund’s restrictions.

Unrestricted: 6% – To support Great Commission, Great Compassion, Healthy Congregations, and Health Church Worker outcomes of the Michigan District.

For more information, please contact: Laura Thomas, Director of Development.