Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund

When you give a gift to the Michigan District Endowment Fund, you build upon the visionary investments of previous generations. They desired a strong LCMS mission and presence in Michigan for their families and congregations, both present and future.

Gifts to the Endowment Fund increase the invested principal. Annual distributions, calculated from a percentage of the rolling 12 quarter average balance, enable sustained funding for Michigan District missions, student scholarships, and operations.

  • A donor can choose to contribute to an existing Endowment Fund designation or establish an approved special purpose fund. As the Michigan District Endowment Fund increases over time from investment growth and additional contributions, more funds from annual distributions will be available for long-term ministry purposes.
  • The Endowment Advisory Council (EAC) oversees the investment strategy and compliance of the Michigan District Endowment Fund.  It works with external investment managers to procure acceptable levels of growth within current market capabilities. Members of the EAC are elected to three-year terms and meet four times annually to review fund status and make any necessary adjustments to continue maximum Endowment Fund growth within the risk tolerance of the Endowment.

How is the interest earnings used?

Student Aid: 49% – To provide scholarships to individuals preparing at a Concordia University System school or LCMS seminary for service to the Church as professional church workers or student loan reduction for full-time church workers.

Missions: 13% – To provide distributions to aid mission and ministry work of the Michigan District (i.e., new mission congregations, expansion of existing missions, or new ministry opportunities).

Special Purposes: 7% – To make gifts to specific missions and ministries (i.e., Lutheran Education, Support for Families, Networking Congregations) as determined by the fund’s restrictions.

Unrestricted: 31% – To support Great Commission, Great Compassion, Healthy Congregations, and Health Church Worker outcomes of the Michigan District.

To learn more about the Michigan District Endowment Fund and explore ways to invest in a long-term ministry strategy, please contact: Laura Thomas, Director of Development. 734.213.4264