Become a Church Worker

Become an Ordained Pastor

(Traditional route, Colloquy, EIIT, CHS)

Become a Commissioned Worker

(Traditional route, Colloquy)

Michigan School of Missional Formation

Lay Leadership Training (Deacon/Ministry Assistant)

Financial Aid

Scholarships to members of Michigan District, LCMS…

Intentional Interim Ministry

In the last twenty years, churches have found it beneficial to have specially trained pastors who serve in an intentional manner and for specific purposes. They assist a congregation in coming to terms with its grief and past, adjust to change in leadership, look realistically at its current identity, and prepare to communicate its needs and vision to a pastor considering the call it issues…

Church Worker Care

Our mission is to enrich the whole-person health (emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, relational) of Professional Church Workers through promotion, education, referral assistance, and advocacy…

The Call Process

How to call a pastor or seminary graduate, inquire about an intentional interim minister, or find pulpit supply…