National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA)

The Michigan District encourages our Lutheran preschools, elementary schools and high schools to actively follow an improvement plan. Accreditation is the method schools use to print out a plan for continuing success. The National Office for Lutheran Schools developed a tool for National Lutheran School Accreditation. This self-study process involves a comprehensive study of the schools purpose and operation conducted by the school, followed by an on-site visit by an appointed validation team. This team develops a report and recommends the consideration for accreditation to the District and National Accreditation Commissions. An action plan, developed by the school and reviewed by the validation team, serves as a strategic guide for the school for the next five years. An annual report is submitted to the District Commission to validate the school’s progress.

For information about National Lutheran School Accreditation, contact Kyle Chuhran, Michigan District Commissioner. For additional information visit