The Michigan District State Track Meet takes place the 1st weekend following Memorial Day (June 4, 2022, Valley Lutheran High School, Saginaw).  Qualifying for the State Meet takes place at the regional meets in May. The regional meets take place two weeks prior to the State meet and are held at Concordia University Ann Arbor; Valley Lutheran, Saginaw; and Lutheran High North, Macomb.

Regional Track Meet Registration

General Regional Track Meet Regulations | 2022 State Track Letter

Qualifying Standards for 2022

School Codes

Fine Design Apparel

State Track Meet – 2021

Our overall team winners from the 2021 State Track Meet

Girls A – St. Paul, Napoleon

Girls B – St. Lorenz, Frankenmuth

Boys A – St. Lorenz, Frankenmuth

Boys B – St. Paul, Saginaw

2021 State Track Meet Program Booklet

Top Ten Results – updated 2021