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The Michigan District Digital Footprint Initiative (DFI) was developed to address many of the challenges some congregations face when they do not have a web presence, an updated website, or skilled, willing, and trained volunteers. The DFI is rooted on research that shows that about 85% of first-time guests choose a church to visit based on a visit to the website.

The web presence portion of the DFI includes:

  • A free audit of your existing website;
  • Technical assistance in the backend maintenance of the congregation’s domain (Web Address);
  • A choice of three template versions which are provided freely to the congregation. A template controls the overall look and functionality of the site. A professionally developed web template ensures that the site meets today’s design aesthetic and is functional. The templates are responsive, adjusting for mobile viewing and desktop viewing.

The District’s Communication Department is also involved in assisting you with content audit, as well as professional photography and videography. Several Michigan District congregations have already taken advantage of the District’s assistance and their new websites are up and running.

To learn more about this initiative or to sign up, click here.

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Melissa Eastland - May 26, 2021

Can schools use this too?

We have helped two preschool/early childhood centers with their websites as we worked with their partner congregation. So the short answer is yes. However, to avoid over-promising and under-delivering, it would be helpful to meet and discuss the scope of the project, so we can better assess if we can be of assistance. You can send an email Todd Jones. I look forward to hearing from you.