Innovative Missional Ministry

Initiative Goal: $3,000,000

“In our culture today, very few un-churched people are looking for a church service. They are, however, longing for a place to feel cared for, and a place where they can care for others. When they meet Jesus there, it all makes sense.”

Help grow Christ’s Kingdom by providing funding assistance to innovative missional ministries.


Here We Care – Innovative Missional Ministry

The congregations of the Michigan District minister to, and meet the needs of, the communities they serve. They have historically done so as they responded to an ever-changing society. Congregations have continually adapted to changing demographics, new and expanded forms of communication, advances in technology, economic challenges, varying worship styles, and a multitude of other influences; and they have done this without compromising the valued theology of the LCMS or the sacred and powerful words of Scripture.

It is through this ability to react and respond with “Witness, Mercy, and Life Together” missional ministry that we have remained relevant to the generation in which we live. While what we experience as LCMS Lutheran Christians today may not have been what those who came before us experienced, we know it represents the same theological and Scriptural foundations of our forefathers. Throughout the generations, new and innovative missional ministries have been developed in order to help congregations prepare for, and meet, the spiritual and social ministry needs of their communities. These ministry initiatives have allowed congregations to continue to deliver the Gospel in an ever-changing society which requires that we disciple the saved and reach the lost.

To support and encourage Innovative Missional Ministry development in the Michigan District congregations and schools, the 500th Anniversary Celebration Campaign will provide funding assistance to those entities that create, develop, and implement innovative mission and ministry opportunities which meet the objective of this initiative, which is to grow Christ’s Kingdom.


Help congregations and leaders prepare for, and meet, the spiritual and social ministry needs of their communities.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8