Michigan District Endowment

Initiative Goal: $3,000,000









To provide scholarship aid to individuals preparing at a Concordia University System school or seminary for service to the Church as a Professional Church Worker To provide distributions to aid mission and ministry work of the Michigan District (i.e., new mission congregations, expansion of existing missions, or new ministry opportunities) To make gifts to specific missions and ministries (i.e., Lutheran Hour Ministries, urban ministries, named congregations) as determined by fund’s restrictions To support Great Commission, Great Compassion, Healthy Congregations, and Healthy Church Worker outcomes of the Michigan District

A Donor’s Perspective

“I think of our family, and the need for them to stay true to the Lord and their faith. I really pray for generous donors, who will continue to support the church; because it’s our family’s future … and we want them in heaven with us.”

 – Mrs. Barbara Hoesman, Frankenmuth, MI


Your contribution helps plan and prepare for the future by building up the Michigan District Endowment Fund.

Here We Imagine – Michigan District Endowment

Preparing for future mission and ministry in the Michigan District is as important as providing current ministry. We all understand that carrying out ministry requires funding—substantial funding—whether it is in the congregational setting or at the Michigan District level. Doing so requires us to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us, which includes excellent planning and proper spending.

As careful and diligent as we are in managing our resources, however, we cannot predict when the next significant economic downturn may occur. We all experienced just such an occurrence a few short years ago. The long and arduous recession that hit the state of Michigan greatly impacted our ability as congregations and as a District to provide for ministry the way we were accustomed to. Through those challenging times, we learned to make ends meet by making sacrifices and adjusting ministry. At the Michigan District we also learned the importance and value of having resources available through our endowment funds, which helped substantially fill the gap and allowed ministry to continue.

Continuing to grow the Michigan District Endowment Funds remains an important part of preparing for future District ministry. This is true if another economic challenge presents itself; but also now, during relatively stable economic times, when ministry may be expanded. To help accomplish the goal of increasing funding available through Michigan District Endowments, the 500th Anniversary Celebration Campaign will designate a portion of received contributions for this purpose.


Your gift to the Endowment Fund will help ministry to continue through unforeseen economic downturns.


“Everything comes from You, and we have given You only what comes from Your hand.”
1 Chronicles 29:14b