Help for Church Workers and Families

Commission for Church Worker Care

Our mission is to enrich the whole-person health (emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, relational) of Professional Church Workers through promotion, education, referral assistance, and advocacy.

As sanctified children of God, we respond to what God, in Christ Jesus, has done for us through proper stewardship of all that we have been given. Among those blessings are the various components of our health as shown by the Wholeness Wheel. Our efforts to improve our personal wellness, then, are a part of our sanctified living, as in every aspect “We are to grow up in every way into Him who is the head, into Christ” (Ephesians 4:15). Until that time when we are with God face to face, we strive, with His help and guidance, to Be Well in all areas of the Wholeness Wheel so that we can best Serve Well those in our care.

The Commission for Church Worker Care of the Michigan District, LCMS  provides quality staff support services in the area of mental health. Additionally,  through the Sowers Fund, the District is able to provide some financial assistance.

If you need assistance, please contact Rev. Dan Ramthun.