Ongoing Ambassadors for Christ

Ongoing Ambassadors For Christ

OAFC is an “ongoing” witnessing movement for youth and adults of the LCMS. It is nationwide, making its ministry available to all LCMS congregations. OAFC has ONE GOAL: to be used of God to emphasize the saving Gospel — Jesus suffered, died and rose in victory for all sins so that all people can be certain of going to heaven.

Ongoing Ambassadors for Christ is a recognized service organization of the LCMS. OAFC and has touched the lives of over 36,000 youth and adults who have learned to share Jesus in a simple way during its 40-year history. Many have become pastors, teachers, DCEs, and committed lay members of our local congregations because of their experiences in OAFC. Now we need to find you! OAFC alumni are encouraged to register on the Alumni page at

For more information, contact Dan Barz at 269.429.7521