Lutheran World Relief Ingathering

August 2021

The Lutheran World Relief Ingathering is a regional event where quilters and kit-makers can drop off their donations to be shipped to LWR’s Maryland or Minnesota warehouse. Ingatherings allow many people to ship their donations of quilts and kits together in a coordinated and efficient manner, saving time and money. If you haven’t before, consider bringing your quilts and kits to one of the Ingathering sites listed in the flyer below.

Download the 2021 Quilt and Kit Ministry Guide.

  • The Michigan District list of Gathering Sites, Dates, and Coordinators LWR Flyer
  • “Where Did the Quilts and Kits Go in 2020?” 2020 QKTable
  • Please consider giving a donation to your local collection site for the cost of renting a truck and/or to LWR for overseas shipping costs.  LWR Donation Form

God’s blessings to you in your efforts to spread His love in a tangible way to a world that is in need!

Patricia L. Schuknecht
Lutheran World Relief Coordinator in the Michigan District
517.548.2435 or by email.