What is a good online worship experience?1 min read

In an effort to connect with people, we are putting our worship services online. Rev. Dr. Todd Jones shares best practices that help create a good online worship experience.

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Gerry Kabelman - April 7, 2020

Todd thank you for your POD cast, we have been streaming our services for 4 weeks now and would like your thoughts on the most recent service (many improvements over our first one). Christ Lutheran Church Stevensville. go to and search “Christ Stevensville”. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. No link currently from our web site to the videos, that is next on our list of things to do.
Thanks in Christ name.
Gerry (269) 208-9352

Lenore Lemanski - April 7, 2020

What a gift to the church you are, Pastor Jones! I have been following your recent postings (from FL, where I spend the winters) and have been so encouraged by what you are saying to the churches.