MOST Ministries1 min read

Marty Moro, Executive Director of MOST Ministries, joins the podcast to share stories from the mission field and the immediate needs that their eyeglass ministry is facing.

Show Notes:

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MOST Ministries provides opportunities for people to be strategically and personally involved in mission work through “Goer” and “Sender” activities.

A “Goer” is someone who joins a short-term mission team. With Christ as our example, each MOST Ministries team strives to address the physical and spiritual needs of people.

A “Sender” is someone who contributes their time, talent, or treasure to help our mission team members go out to serve. Senders:

  • Make or purchase witnessing items to share the Gospel message
  • Make or collect eyeglasses
  • Collect or provide other mission supplies
  • Provide prayer support
  • Provide financial support
  • Volunteer in the MOST Ministries office