Ministering in a Time of Indifference1 min read

Rev. Gabe Kasper and Rev. Marcus Lane from University Lutheran Chapel in Ann Arbor share stories and advice for ministering in the post-Christian world that’s no longer hostile, but indifferent.

Show Notes:

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Brad - January 17, 2024

-What did blessing the YMCA staff look like?
-Great point about being centered with soft edges.
-I think you could have mentioned how the Post Christian student at CUAA is impacted with this topic. It seemed that the Q&A focused on UM and left out the CUAA student and I know both student bodies attend ULC. Is there a difference in the student bodies. If so, what are these differences? What are the similarities? Ultimately this inquiry begs the question for students and parents who would listen to this podcast, why go to an Uncommon university like CUAA — just a marketing thought on how our church body is making a difference within this context.
Sincerely, Brad Yops