2023 Synod Convention Recap1 min read

Rev. Dr. Robert Kasper joins the Thought Leader Podcast to discuss what happened at The 68th Regular Convention of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and how it affects the Michigan District, LCMS. 

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Here is a 2023 LCMS convention focus on universities discussion

The Theological Conference is February 3, 2024

Ron Beck - August 8, 2023

LCMS Convention 2023 comments from a non- attendee, but an online part time viewer:

* Great resolutions passed that upheld our confessional position on the Bible and Book of Concord.
* Great resolutions passed that helped give guidance in living out our Christian life.
* The presence of four Concordia University Presidents who demonstrated their unity on doctrine, educational philosophy and in upholding synod’s by-laws. CUC, CUS, CUC and CUSTP
* A God pleasing decision to have Altar and Pulpit fellowship with four more Lutheran synods on the world-wide basis.
* A God pleasing decision in dropping fellowship with Japan Lutheran Church (JLC).
* Great papers each day on the convention theme of “We Preach Christ Crucified.”
* The importance of Lutheran catechesis was clearly and strongly pointed out by Pr. Bender and Prof Corzine.
* The firm stance by two martyrs from Finland ready to defend the faith.
* Pr. Seltz of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty stressed the importance of being involved in the Kingdom of the Left.
* Biblical guidance by missionary D. Preus in church planting.
* Delegates gave thanks to God for the preservation of the Gospel from the 1974 St. Louis seminary walkout.
It was a fulfilling time spent in affirming what it means to be a confessional Missouri Synod Lutheran. Praise be to God!

Gerald E Grimm - August 8, 2023

Thankyou for the presentation. It was helpful.

Steve Grafe - August 9, 2023

Thanks Rob for all you do for us! Great breakdown each day and here. For those of us who lament a Synod that continues to try and move away from Advise and Counsel to a more authoritative oversight body – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your honest candor. Blessings

Rev. Dr. Richard Zeile - August 9, 2023

Concordia Texas President Christian admitted on the floor that his Board voted to declare itself legally independent of the Synod on the basis of a rumor that they would be merged with another Concordia. This was an admission of the fiduciary irresponsibility they were called to repent of.

Beth DedMeritt - August 9, 2023

I listened, like to stay informed. Pastor Rob you did a great job of summimg things up and making it positive. Warmly, Beth D.