Connecting with Young Adults1 min read

Rev. Dan Howard from Hope, Warren sits down with Jeff Heisner to talk about a thriving young adult ministry and how they’ve engaged with a demographic group the church has struggled to reach.

Show Notes

Young Adult Game Nights happen at Hope, Warren the 4th Friday of every month

Hope Warren –

Find out more about Rev. Dan Howard –

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Barna study on young adults –


Craig Britton - April 2, 2024

Thanks Pastor Dan and Jeff. Great interview. Such needed help and insights. God be with you both. I liked especially the thought that these relationships can’t be rushed. So very important. Thanks again.

Karen McClelland - April 3, 2024

Thank you Pastor Howard for your efforts to renew and build youth ministry in our area. I was in youth ministry for many years and haven’t found or heard of too many efforts being made in this area recently. I will be praying for your efforts and God’s will to be done in your Young Adult Ministry. Keep up the good work!

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