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“The time has come to go beyond the conventional and to do the heroic, the unusual, the thing we know we should have done long before the terrific storms of the present disturbed our feathered security. If God ever has pushed His people for action the time is now.”                -John E. Herrmann

The Michigan District Stewardship Committee is proud to announce the selection of Judith Ann Root of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Wheeler, Mich. as the 2016 John E. Herrmann Memorial Stewardship Award winner. Judith has been a tireless worker in the Kingdom of God. Her list of stewardship work inside and outside the church fills most of a page, and is an inspiration to all of us in the Michigan District.

In recognition of her outstanding stewardship work, Judith was presented an award at Immanuel Lutheran Church by Rev. Dr. Richard J. Wolfram, Congregational Mission and Ministry Facilitator of the Michigan District/ Stewardship. A $1,000 gift was also presented for ministry use at Immanuel in honor of Judith Root. She has also had her name engraved on a John E. Herrmann Award plaque that hangs in the Michigan District office. Judith was nominated by Linda Weburg, member of Immanuel.

Vaughn Begick was chosen as this year’s runner-up for the Herrmann Award. Vaughn has been a great blessing to his home congregation of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Bay City, Mich. where he serves on many activities and projects, as he does in his community.

As a District, it is our desire to honor and recognize those who have heeded the call to do “the heroic, the unusual” in their stewardship lives. This year we recognize, thank, and honor Judith Root, Vaughn Begick, and all nominees for their faithful stewardship work in the Kingdom. Well done, good and faithful servants!

Nominations for 2017 now underway!

If you know of someone within your congregation that you believe deserves consideration for the 2017 John E. Herrmann Award, nomination forms and entry requirements for the award were sent to all the congregations within the Michigan District by September 1, 2016. Each church is encouraged to submit an entry to the Stewardship Committee by the October 15, 2016 deadline. The Committee will choose an award winner by November. Notification of the award winner will take place in early 2017, and next year’s award presentation will take place in the home congregation of the winner. All award winners, like Judith Root, receive a plaque commemorating the award, and have his/her/their name(s) placed on the John E. Herrmann Award plaque in the Michigan District Office. Additionally, a donation is made to their home church in their honor. An information brochure and nomination form can be found here. (

The John E. Herrmann award is funded partially through the Michigan District and partially through private donors. For further information, or if you are interested in perpetuating this award through a contribution, send donations to: The John E. Herrmann Award; Michigan District Stewardship Committee; 3773 Geddes Rd; Ann Arbor MI 48105-3098.

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Rev. Stephen Schilke serves as Intentional Interim Pastor for congregations in the Michigan District. He is also a member of the District's Stewardship Committee.

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