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David Sievert
David Sievert

Giving a shiny red apple to a teacher is a tradition that has been passed down for centuries. Some believe it originated to supplement a teacher’s low income. Others connect it with learning “A” is for apples or hoping for an “A” on a test.

One student from St. Lorenz, Frankenmuth took the initiative to extend that tradition when nominating, band teacher, David Sievert for the 2014 FOX 66 Golden Apple Award by writing, “I think Mr. Sievert should be awarded the Golden Apple Award because he does so much for his students and is an awesome teacher.”

The student continues,“Almost every day Mr. Sievert teaches four different classes. He frequently makes all his classes laugh! He is very kind and understands each instrument. Mr. Sievert chooses fun music for us to play and encourages us to do the best we can. He motivates us to do well. He even has a mix up day every Tuesday, when we all get to switch seats. Every Wednesday, Mr. Sievert puts in more time and has a Jazz band, which has advanced music. He is also in charge of the annual Jazz Band Christmas Concert. Even then he still puts in more time and has a church band on Thursdays, which has even harder music. He holds fall, spring, and a school-is out concert. Mr. Sievert shows passion for music, his kids, and his God. I am thankful I have him as a band teacher.”

Dave Sivert 213
David Sievert and a student at St. Lorenz

Others would agree that Sievert is truly a gifted teacher. Regardless of the instrument or skill level of the student, he has a remarkable ability to relate to and motivate all of his students. His passion and desire to put music in the hearts of his students is evident in his classroom.

His pastor, Rev. Mark Brandt, states, “Dave has shown himself to be a true servant through his dedication to the Lord and His church and school at St. Lorenz. He takes a considerable amount of time working with his band students, who perform extremely well under his leadership. In church, his brass and wind instrumental groups are wonderful additions to St. Lorenz worship life. Dave and his wife, Brenda, were also responsible for beginning weekly contemporary worship services 10 years ago. They provide consistent and excellent leadership for the praise teams.”

Every year, WSMH-TV FOX 66, Pioneer Sugar, DM Burr Heating and Cooling, and Graff Automotive  Group present the Golden Apple Awards recognizing outstanding Mid-Michigan teachers. On Wednesday, March 12, they surprised Sievert by showing up with TV cameras during one of his band rehearsals and presented him with the award, a golden apple atop a stack of books. The moment was caught on video and aired on the 11 o’clock news later that evening.

Congratulations to David Sievert for being the 2014 FOX 66 Golden Apple Award Winner!

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