Love Talks: Daring Conversations Toward Reconciliation1 min read

Sometimes silence is golden. Other times it is a relationship killer.

Two people are estranged. Angry. At odds. A friend intervenes with the suggestion, “Well, have you tried talking about it?”

Reconciliation takes conversation, verbal interaction, words. The world around us needs us to engage with others in the ministry of reconciliation, both with people and with God. At the very heart of all reconciliation is the Word Himself, the Word made flesh, Jesus.

The Michigan District, LCMS is pleased to announce that registration for the 2024 Theological Conference, Love Talks: Daring Conversations Toward Reconciliation, is now open. The conference will take place on February 3 at Our Savior, Lansing.

This year’s conference will feature a range of speakers who will share their insights on the vital role of love in fostering reconciliation. These presenters include Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies, Rev. Mark Schulz, Deac. Tiffany Manor, and Rev. David Davis. Also included in the lineup is FLAME, the Grammy-nominated Christian hip-hop artist known for his powerful and uplifting lyrics. We look forward to the energy and passion on the topic these speakers will bring to our time together.

In addition to the keynote speakers and musical performances, the conference will also feature a Compassion Ministry, which will provide attendees with the opportunity to make a positive impact in the Lansing community through Our Savior’s Food Bank and St. Luke, Haslett’s Coat Closet.

We hope you will join us for this exciting event as we come together to explore new ways of building bridges towards reconciliation with those in our lives, churches, and communities. Mark your calendars now for February 3, share this with your members and friends, and register soon!

Let’s get started with daring conversations of reconciliation. After all, love talks.

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