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Harry Antis, now deceased, was a professional nature artist. In the years before his death, he completed 12 large paintings of scenes from the life of Christ. Each frame is handcrafted and enhances the unique character and message of each image. Antis was a former member of St. Luke, Ann Arbor and many members served as models for the crowd scenes.

AntisPainting8_cmykSt. Luke pastor, Rev. Justin Rossow, shares: “Antis spent his career honoring God in his vocation. He eventually moved from work in the automotive industry and, later, the Apollo Space Program, to an area closer to his heart: wildlife painting … where he captured some of the glory of God expressed in nature. In the paintings themselves, Antis shows off years of experience in capturing God’s creation … the grief and hope of Mary on Saturday, the internal struggle and brilliant sunset of The Temptation, the raindrops on the shoulder of The Crucifixion—all speak the heart of God for his chosen-but-sinful people, people God has reconciled to Himself by Jesus Christ.” You can access more information through Rossow’s blog post here.

Appraised at one point for over $2 million, these 12 paintings will be on exhibit and available for purchase June 12 – July 10, 2016 at the Kreft Gallery on the campus of Concordia University Ann Arbor.

The Temptation, by Harry Antis. Photo courtesy of St. Luke, Ann Arbor.

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