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St. Peter Confessional Lutheran Church in Middelburg, South Africa, is a recipient of generous support from the Michigan District, LCMS and from the Here We Stand Campaign’s International Ministry Initiative. St. Peter’s ministry has been in place for 27 years, and this October they have several celebration events underway. A few Michigan District pastors are currently in Middelburg participating in the festivities and learning of St. Peter’s plans for the future. Rev. Dr. Rob Kasper (Michigan District CMMF), Rev. Bill Wangelin (Our Savior, Lansing), and Rev.  John Rathje (Dean of Students at Concordia University Ann Arbor) are there, along with others from the United States.

Some of the events planned to celebrate all ministry and mission that has taken place over the past decades include a golf outing/fundraiser, meetings in Middelburg with satellite churches, a celebration service, and several days of visiting the church’s school, preschool, and satellite churches. Rev. Bill Wangelin and Mrs. Kristin Rathje have been posting pictures of the daily events on Facebook. Additionally, Mrs. Rathje has posted some updates on her blog. To follow along with our Michigan District friends, check out their Facebook pages: Rev. Bill Wangelin and Mrs. Kristin Rathje.

Pictures courtesy of Rev. Bill Wangelin

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