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Prayer is dangerous. It can change you. It can disrupt your life/routine. Don’t pray, and let everything be the way it is. Pray, and receive peace, guidance, understanding, faith, purpose, protection from evil, and a deeper relationship with God. Jesus prayed often, and He tells us to be constant in prayer.

The Michigan District invites you to attend its much anticipated annual Theological Conference “Be Constant in Prayer.” This conference is designed for EVERYONE: congregation members (laity), friends, and students, as well as professional church workers.

On February 2, we will again have four excellent speakers for our conference, each humbly offering their varied gifts, learning, and experience for our benefit, growth, and prayer life.

Our Speakers

Rev. Dr. Victor Belton will speak on “The Grace of Prayer.” Dr. Belton is a notable man of prayer whose impact in the church is both global and local. As a talented speaker, Dr. Belton’s message of God’s enduring love for a fractured world has inspired many to join in God’s mission.

Mrs. Connie Denninger challenges boundaries and assumptions that may limit our prayer life by incorporating visual journaling into devotional practice. Her background as a Family Life Educator has been fueled by her passion for a better understanding of Spiritual formation. She will share “Doorways Into Prayer.”

Rev. Chris Paavola established a mission outreach to the least and the lost of University City, Mo. on the foundation of prayer.  For an entire year, he would devote time every week to walk and pray for each block of University City. God used those quiet moments to open Chris’ heart to the community and opened his eyes to the opportunities to make a difference. Chris will speak about “The Forgotten Prayer.”

Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller’s topic is “St. Paul’s School of Prayer.” He is a member of Doxology’s Collegium Fellows and the pastor of Hope Lutheran Church, Aurora, Co. He is the co-host of Table Talk Radio podcast, and creator of Grappling with the Text, a weekly video Bible Study.

In addition to the speakers, practical lessons on what’s just been shared will be led by Rev. John Rathje, Dean of Students at Concordia University Ann Arbor. Times for prayer have also been built into the schedule.


As in the past number of years, this centrally located conference will be held at Our Savior Lutheran Church and School; 7910 E St Joe Hwy; Lansing. The congregation of Our Savior has not only accommodated these conferences during its busy season, but warmly welcomes all participants and expertly facilitates a day of inspiration, learning, worship, and fellowship.

Please plan to attend this conference. Bring your friends and family members! The topic of “Be Constant in Prayer” has the potential to change your life!


“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”   – Martin Luther

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