StartNew Explorer


The StartNew Explorer initiative was designed to assist congregations in the establishment of evangelism or compassion programs requiring less than $10,000 in seed funding. Some examples include: developing a mission focused community garden; starting a video discussion study in the community; launching a backyard VBS program; or forming a support group program. The seed funding may be a grant or an interest-free loan with adjustable repayment schedules.

StartNew Explorer Components:

1. Discovery Event
A two-hour local event designed to generate excitement by providing:

  • An overview of the process;
  • The promise of the process;
  • The challenge of the process;
  • Excitement of the New Start.

2. Local Intensive
The local intensive is a training event for the project team. The training includes an orientation in project development including:

  • The business canvas overview;
  • Market analysis steps;
  • Strategy development.

3. Regional Collaborative
The regional collaborative will be a gathering of two to five project teams. It will include project refinement through collaborative feedback, training in marketing, and team building.

4. Monthly Coaching
The leader and the team will receive a monthly coaching call to assist with problem-solving, goal setting, and accountability.

Program Investment:

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