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Everyone who gets married has the goal to be in a happy, healthy marriage. Whether a couple is newly married or married for 50 years, they still want that happy, healthy marriage. Not only is this beneficial to the couple, but it also provides a good example for their children, the church, and the community.

Marriage ministry isn’t a new concept in the church; everyone knows how vital it is to have a healthy marriage. Too often, however, we think of marriage ministry as pre-marital counseling or addressing issues when a marriage is in crisis. So, what can be done during the years in between to encourage strong marriages to help avoid that crisis stage?

In the fall of 2022, St. Luke, Ann Arbor saw the need to encourage strong marriages and was led to offer a new ministry that would support the married couples in the congregation. Through the leadership of David Nelson, Director of Youth & Family Discipleship, DCE, a committee was formed and the Married People Ministry was set in motion. The purpose of this ministry is to integrate opportunities that will help give couples a strategy to be proactive toward building a healthy marriage.

Amid our busy lives, school, jobs, children (children’s activities!), church responsibilities, etc., there is one thing that can easily be overlooked or put on the back burner in a couple’s relationship . . . FUN and LAUGHTER! That’s where the Married People Ministry comes in!

Our theme for 2023 was “Take a Step CLOSER,” and we’ve already begun this year’s theme of “Becoming Your Best US” with the focus being “Time for Your US” and “Grow Your US.” Each theme incorporates one of these four Core Habits:  1) Love God First; 2) Have Serious Fun; 3) Respect and Love; 4) Practice Your Promise. To continue the focus on marriage and keep the fun festivities rolling throughout the year, we create and offer three Date Night Kits, a spring and a fall Large Group Event, the Married People Monthly email, and a 6-week marriage study held on Sunday mornings during the Bible class hour.

When we first began the Married People Ministry, we weren’t sure how the congregation would respond or what to expect. But after our first Large Group Event in the spring of 2023, it was evident that it was God’s perfect timing for this ministry! Couples were looking for fun ways to spend time with the love of their life.

Here are a few written comments we received following our first Married People Large Group Event: It was great! Great message, fellowship, and time together! . . . Practical inspiration to make more time for us . . . Thank you, Thank you! And more positive feedback after handing out our first Married People Date Night Kits: We enjoyed our surprise box. Thank you! . . . Sparked some great conversation (22 yr. anniversary date) . . .The element of surprise and anticipation worked!

Date Night Kits

St. Luke also sees this ministry as an opportunity to reach out to the community and other local congregations, so an announcement for each upcoming event is emailed to about 18 other sites or handed out to local businesses. It’s been wonderful to meet others who have attended the Large Group Events or picked up Date Night Kits.

Regardless of age or years married, we welcome ALL married couples to participate with St. Luke Married People as they continue their journey together to a happier, healthier marriage!

The next event at St. Luke will take place on Saturday, March 9 at 7 p.m. For more information and to register, click here.

Photos courtesy of Debby Darragh and the St. Luke Married People Ministry.

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Rick and Debbie Darragh are the directors of the St. Luke Married People Ministry.

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