Looking Back and Counting Blessings2 min read

When teachers are asked what they enjoy most about teaching, a majority would probably reply that it is helping children learn. My reply would definitely include the children, but I would have to add something unusual. Throughout my years of teaching in Lutheran schools, I have also loved serving with the parents and other adults in the congregation. I appreciate that God placed those people in my life and used them to help me grow. As I look back on my career, I can see how God used each situation to strengthen me and provide me with examples of people serving in love.

After more than 30 years of teaching at different grade levels in different schools and especially at Trinity, Berrien Springs, it is now time to retire. I have felt very blessed to serve at Trinity for 25 of these years. The congregation has always made me feel welcome. Parents have shared their concerns and joys with me. Congregation members have reached out to make me feel like an important part of the ministry there.

I now wait to see where God will lead me next! Serving God through teaching young children about Jesus’ love for them has been a privilege for me. Although I was the teacher, I am the one who has learned so much from the children. I have learned to appreciate the little things in life.  I have learned to enjoy each day. I have learned to love because Jesus loves us.

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Through all the different congregations I have served, I have also learned much from the members. I have shared in their joys and sorrows. I have felt like a part of their family. Congregation members have volunteered to be mentors to the children in my classroom. I am the one who has been blessed to be part of a group of wonderful, caring Christian believers, who were willing to entrust their children to my care.

May God continue to bless Lutheran schools with teachers, parents, and children who “serve the Lord with gladness!” (Psalm 100:2a ESV). 

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Diane C. Strohacker teaches 3rd and 4th grade students at Trinity, Berrien Springs.

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