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Are you looking for that right opportunity to participate in the Here We Stand campaign, raise some funds for your church, school, or even your specific classroom, AND get healthier at the same time? Perhaps the Reformation 500 … Walk, Run, Bike event is what you are looking for.

What is Reformation 500 … Walk, Run, Bike? The event is a five-month exercise-based initiative which begins May 1 and concludes September 30. You or a team of friends, fellow members of your congregation, staff, or a group of teachers may do this together, over the entire five months or for as long as you would like to participate.

How does it work? You (or your team) are encouraged to walk, run, or ride your bike for a total of 500 miles during the period of time you choose to participate. If 500 miles is too little, please feel free to do as many miles as you can. If 500 miles is too many, simply do as many miles as you are able. In any case, challenge yourself to make an improvement in your health.

How does the event benefit Here We Stand and my church or school? This is what makes this event unique. Each participant is asked to collect pledges and/or cash gifts in support of their efforts to maximize miles during the five months of the event. As in years past, these collected monies will be divided evenly between the Here We Stand campaign and the ministry you designate as a beneficiary.

What’s the process? The participation form can be found here. You can also call Linda Ekong in the Development Department and she will email or mail a form to you. Then start walking, running, or biking and collecting pledges and cash gifts. After the completion of your efforts, simply calculate your total miles, collect your pledges and cash gifts (checks made out to Michigan District, LCMS) and mail them to the Michigan District office. Upon receipt of your monies, one half will be put into the Here We Stand campaign, and the other half will be sent where you designate on the form. It’s that simple.

Have fun and a wonderful summer of exercising, and in doing so, helping to make a positive difference in the Here We Stand campaign, in your church or school, and in your own health. If you have questions, please contact Linda.

And don’t forget Here We Ride event in Bay City on August 3! This event also divides all funds evenly between Here We Stand and the ministry you designate. Plus … the miles you ride in this event count towards the miles you accumulate in the Reformation 500! For more information, click here.

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