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I was riding in a jeep with my friend and his grandpa about four years ago. We did not notice but his grandpa started to fall asleep while driving. We began to crash into a mailbox but then his grandpa quickly swerved to the other side and hit a road sign. I felt my heart drop in my chest. I stopped breathing because I was so scared. Before we knew it, we rolled over the sign and flipped in the air two times. The car landed on its side.

The people who were behind us thought that we were very badly hurt, so they ran to check on us. They saw us get out of the car and were amazed to see us walk out without any injury. They told us it was a miracle from God. They were right.

I walked out of that accident without a scratch, but I did have something else: I had the knowledge that God was always with me, even when I didn’t call on Him. He is always present and is our source of strength and comfort.

God was with me and everyone else in the car that day. He was with us just as he said in Psalm 46:1, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” God is always with us and, even though the accident was a terribly scary event, it taught me a wonderful lesson about our loving God.


Dear Father, thank you for being with us. You are always here, no matter our needs. We pray that we will always remember you because you are the one that brought us here, takes care of us, and comforts us. We thank you for all of this and for filling us with your presence. Amen.

— Devotion written by Kathryn, grade 8, Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran School

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Melissa Greer - January 28, 2019

What a beautiful writer you have become Kathryn. I remember that day, we came up behind you on the road after the accident and we were so very thankful that you were all okay. I still think about that accident every time I drive that stretch of road. I remember how snowy it was, and how the marks in the snow looked like an angels wings had carried you and set you safely down where you landed. I am so glad your take away from that accident is that God is always with you. Please always remember that as you go through life. Even when you feel like He is far away, he is ALWAYS there.

Judi - January 28, 2019

Good reminder for all of us Kathryn. Well written

Joan Smith - January 28, 2019

PTL Katie He is with you always. Does my heart good to see young people giving the Glory to their Saviour.