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With a clear night sky, the smell of fall in the air, and a hint of crispness, the waters of the Straits of Mackinac softly lap on the shore. The Mackinac Bridge is lit in the distance. Friends sit on white rocking chairs as the air is filled with quiet conversation and laughter. The day spent at the Lutheran Adult Gathering becomes a magical memory kept forever.

The Lutheran Adult Gathering occurs approximately every other year in October. My husband, Don, and I have attended this event for many years and have encouraged our family and friends at Trinity Muskegon and the West Michigan area to attend the weekend described above. We still urge people to attend. The reasons are countless! It’s a weekend to unwind, take in the beauty of the island, listen in a relaxed setting to speakers who enlighten our lives, and worship with fellow believers. Oh, the worship and praise! It is one of my favorite parts.

For some, there is one sticking point: the cost. We understand! Don and I look at the “cost comparison factor” when encouraging people to attend the Lutheran Adult Gathering.

Once on a beautiful autumn weekend, Don and I decided to take a ride Up North, as we Michiganders will do. We stayed at a well-recognized resort in Northern Michigan. The cost of that overnight stay was $250 a night plus fees and taxes. What we received for the cost was a room to sleep, but not even a cup of coffee in the morning! Compare that to the world-renowned Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island where you receive excellent service and food, including a five-course dinner and a full breakfast menu and buffet. (Bring your loose clothing!) You will never experience the Grand and all it has to offer at such a discounted rate. The Gathering is complete with relevant worship, fellowship, and fun! It’s a place to build new relationships and treasure those long-standing ones.

Our next Gathering will be October 11–13, 2024 at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.

Please genuinely consider attending. Our theme for this Gathering is “New Beginnings in His Presence!” Details will soon be available on the Michigan District website.

If you are going to the All Professional Church Workers Conference next week, come see us at the Exhibitors Hall!

Photos courtesy of Chad Woltemath

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