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For many sports fans, the NCAA March Basketball Madness is the pinnacle of the sports season. Sixty-eight basketball teams are selected to vie for the national title as the top college basketball team in the country. The excitement builds over a three-week period of time. During the first weekend, there are 50 basketball games. From those games, there emerges the “Sweet 16.” These 16 teams play again the next week. As the tournament continues into the regional rounds, we move into the most coveted round, the “Final Four.” To be one of the “Final Four” teams is a wonderful honor for the college, players, and coaches. Now with excitement reaching crescendo levels the “Final Four” teams play for the national championship. With much joy and celebration one college basketball team wins the national championship.

Basketball fans exhibit great spirit and enthusiasm as they cheer their favorite team or teams through the March Madness Tournament. If their team does well, many people share in the excitement of the victory. Each win in the tournament is celebrated by thousands or millions of fans. The celebration is due to the hard work, commitment, and skill of 12 young men on a basketball team who have dedicated their time and talents to become proficient basketball players.

In a much more meaningful way, we, as God’s people, celebrate not the work of 12 people, but the work of one Savior. Jesus has done everything to make us winners. Through Baptism, His Word, and the Lord’s Supper, we have been made part of His team. Even though He ALONE has won the victory for us over sin, death, and the devil, He includes us as part of His team. We can all celebrate in the victory Jesus has won for us. Whether or not our favorite team wins in March Madness, we are all winners in Jesus. In response to what Jesus has done, we enthusiastically use our time, talents, and money to tell others about Jesus.

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Ron Chewning serves as Chairman of the Michigan District Stewardship Committee. Previously he served as the East Coast Regional Vice President for the LCMS Foundation. In the late 1990s, Chewning developed and began Stewardship Advisors, which produces and provides year-round stewardship education resources to congregations. He is a member of Our Shepherd, Birmingham.

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