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The subject of money and what we should or shouldn’t do with it can be contentious. We all have opinions that have been shaped by our families, our peers, our workplaces, the media, and our government. In the United States, we are given more latitude to choose our financial priorities than many other countries. And what does our currency say? “In God We Trust.”

As people of God, we know that He owns and gifts to us all that we have been given. He tells us that He knows our needs even before we ask. Knowing this world’s sinful obsession with money, God has given us good instruction on how to receive and spend this gift in a God-pleasing way.

The Bible is full of good advice. It isn’t money that God warns us about, it’s the love of money. Jesus said that we can’t serve two masters—it’s either God or money. In Matthew’s account of the parable of the talents, the servants who wisely invested the master’s money were rewarded.

The Bible also recognizes earthly riches with the examples of Solomon, Job, and David, and earthly poverty with the examples of the widow giving her mite; Lazarus, who died while sitting at the rich man’s gate; and Ruth, who relied on Boaz’ kindness for her daily food. The distinction between the “haves” and the “have nots” has not changed from the time the Bible was written until now.

The common thread is recognition, thankfulness, and response to all of God’s gifts. Whether rich or poor, whether lifted up or humbled, God calls us to see ourselves and others as stewards of every gift from Him. The sharing of any gift is a matter of the heart first. It is a thankful acknowledgement and response to His undeserved goodness to us. He promises that He will “pour down for you a blessing” (Malachi 3:10) and “supply” and “multiply” (2 Corinthians 9:10) what He has given to you to share. We can joyfully respond to this!

In the Michigan District, we are People of Hope. Whether you are part of congregation that has many or few, God has given you a place, a time, and a measure of His blessings to share with your community. Money is one of many gifts. As we work together to bring the Light of the Gospel to our neighbors, your district staff is here to help you discover and give back to God all that He has given to you.

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Laura Thomas is the Director of Development for the Michigan District, LCMS

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