Lutheran Education: Providing a Biblical Worldview2 min read

We stand at the beginning of a new school year. Time has gone way too quickly for me and—I am sure—for many of the students. Lutheran schools have been an essential ministry and mission of our Synod since her inception. But is it still important for Lutheran congregations to have schools? It is more important to have a quality school today than at any other time in history!

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Why do I make such a bold statement? Why can I make such a bold statement?

The reason is simple: we are living in a time of great change and never has it been more important for our children to learn a biblical worldview. The challenges are great for all of us, but especially our young. Think about these things:

  • Christians throughout the world are being persecuted and killed by Muslim extremists.
  • The homosexual agenda teaches our society that sexual intimacy is about self-satisfaction no matter how that satisfaction is found, perverting God’s gift of sexuality.
  • The increasing attraction of the transgender movement—as epitomized by Bruce Jenner—is the newest challenge, which denies the gift our body formed by God for His purposes.
  • Humans are seen as viable only as long as they can contribute to the greater good.

These challenges and more which we have not even considered are the reality that our children face today.

Our schools stand at the front of the battle lines for our children’s minds and souls. Yes, we teach math, science, English, writing, social studies, and history. These are never neglected. However, what makes our schools matchless is that they are also striving to teach young people how to understand the world as God’s creation and to live in it in godly ways.

Our schools are striving to teach young people that their body and soul are united and a gift of God. Our schools are striving to help our children understand their real identity is that of baptized children of God. How can you help this important ministry of our congregations? You can:

  • Pray for the teachers and principals of your school or those of your sister congregations;
  • Support their work with your offerings that we may recruit and retain the best teachers possible; and,
  • Encourage teachers in their work as they find appropriate, biblical ways of conveying the goodness and purposes for which God has called us in Christ.

My Christian friends, we are living in a challenging time! Thank God that He has given us such an important ministry as our Lutheran schools!

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Rev. Bradley A. Smith serves St. John Lutheran Church and School in Fraser as Senior Pastor. He has served on the LHSA Board of Directors, including 4 years as chairman. Pastor Smith is married to Judy, a nurse, and they have three sons.

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