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When I think about my years in school, the memories that flood back always involve a teacher. I moved around quite a bit growing up but was blessed to spend a majority of my schooling in the Lutheran school system. The teachers that took time to welcome me into their classrooms, especially in the middle of the school year, are the ones that stand out. They took sharing the love of Jesus to heart.

The specialness of being in a Lutheran school is being able to talk about Jesus. Spending time each morning in Bible study or chapel and learning countless Bible verses prepares students for their journey through life.

That’s why this week’s theme verse is so important. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). Everything I learned when I was young still applies today and impacts how I live my life. As my own children get older, I can see the influence of Jesus from their own time spent in Lutheran education. Seeing them offer help to a fellow shopper in a store or lead prayer with their baseball team before a game, shows that the love of Jesus resides in their hearts from what their own teachers taught them. The power of a Lutheran school is an amazing thing! Sharing Jesus’ love with all, especially those who don’t know Him, can change lives one person at a time.

I can’t imagine living without Jesus and the promise of eternity with Him. Sharing the omnipresence of Jesus’ love in Lutheran schools will help increase heaven’s population. How much fun it will be to sing and worship with fellow believers for all eternity!

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Jennifer Rumberger serves the Michigan District as Administrative Assistant - Education / Database Specialist. She and her husband Aaron have two sons and are members at St. Paul, Ann Arbor. In her spare time, Jennifer is a huge Detroit Tigers fan and an avid reader.

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