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Do you have a desire to bring women together in your congregation? Do you want to try and bridge the gap between the generations? If your answer is yes and you are looking for a way to accomplish that task, here is an idea that works: start a group called 3, 6, 9, 12.

It is a social ministry for women, 18 years and older, to meet the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth month of the year. It is a time for women, members and non-members, to get together in a social Christian atmosphere, no matter what season of life they are in or what time and interests they might have.

There are three areas to focus on: date, time, and activity. The group needs to be flexible in nature too. You have the entire month to set a date. You do not have to limit yourselves to the second Monday of each month or the third Friday afternoon. It could be a Friday night, Saturday morning, or even a Sunday afternoon. Rotate the date and time. Some women are in school, some work, and some are stay-at-home moms or retired. By rotating the date and time, you don’t exclude anyone who is in a certain season of life.

The next part, planning the activity, is the most fun. Here is a list of ideas that might work for your group: Going to the movies, showing a movie at your church, going out to eat for dinner or just coffee and dessert, painting with a twist, game night, tea party, fondue party, bringing in a speaker, karaoke, picnic on church property or going to a park, make and take a meal, or even a one-day women’s retreat. You can also incorporate Advent by Candlelight to be the event for the twelfth month.

Assign seats, mix it up, or let them sit where they want. Have a small giveaway or a small game in the beginning where they can win a prize. Have a blast by going around the table and asking each sister in Christ, “If you could be any women in the Bible, who would you be?” One of my favorite giveaways was a Bible book marker with Scripture on one side and the Advent Service times and activities on the back to take home. This is especially useful for visitors and friends of the members.

I hope this has sparked some ideas. You are more than welcome to use any of these ideas, including the name of the group. I pray that the women of your congregation will find a new friend in Jesus and feel blessed in their current season of life.

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Christie Hansard, RN, BSN, is the Mental Health Case Manager and the Parish Nurse Ministries representative for the Michigan District, LCMS. She is a member of Faith, Grand Blanc.

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