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Theological Conference 2020

Legacy: Reclaiming a Lost Generation

February 1, 2020
Lansing, MI

Christians in general, and Christian families in particular, are under spiritual and cultural attack. The result has been more families being broken and more individuals, especially the young, leaving their faith and inevitably our churches.

The typical fight-or-flight psychological reactions can readily be seen. Some churches and individuals who sense that their values and beliefs are under attack have embraced the flight response by isolating themselves from community and marginalizing “wayward” relatives. Other churches and individuals have chosen the fight response using Scripture and reason to point a loud, glaring finger at the failings and fallacies of culture and loved ones.

The goal of this conference—recognizing and rejoicing in the love of God for the world and the inspired truths of His Word—is to propose and examine a third response reflecting the Apostle Paul’s method of engaging the culture (and our relatives) by “speaking the truth in love.” This also reflects Jesus’ approach to sinners.

Our prayer—and the goal of this conference—is that we all develop the capacity to engage the culture as we also seek to retain our young people (children and grandchildren) seeking healthy interaction under the blessing of our Lord.

When & Where


February 1, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 3:15 pm

Our Savior Lutheran Church, Lansing
7910 E. St. Joe Hwy
Lansing, MI, 48917

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