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The encounter took place in a Walgreens Drug Store in Federal Way, WA. She was a pleasant-looking woman, smiling easily at the customers upon whom she waited. As I stepped up to the counter to pay for my purchases, she looked at me and said, “I really like that shirt you are wearing.”

“Thank you,” I replied. This particular shirt had solicited similar remarks a number of times over the years. It depicts Jesus smiling lovingly down at an infant reaching his arms up to touch Jesus’ face. The words of Jeremiah 1:5 proclaim “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.  Before you were born, I set you apart.”

“I must tell my son about your shirt,” the cashier continued. “The doctors told me he would not live long after he was born. I know how Abraham felt at the prospect of giving up his son. I told God that I would be satisfied with just a few moments of time with my child … that he really was not my child. Friends called to tell me they were praying for me. And then one day, while I was taking a shower, the Lord answered those prayers. He told me that my son would live … that He would grant me time to know and love my child.”

“How old is your son now?” I asked, tears welling up in my eyes.

“Three years old,” she answered.

“How wonderful that God blessed your trust in His provision for you and your son,” I managed to say.

And then, the encounter was over … a fleeting moment in time. But I felt so encouraged and energized by that very brief conversation.

I was reminded once again that God provides numerous opportunities for us to give a strong and positive witness FOR LIFE … brief moments of time during our day … moments that sneak up on us unexpectedly. Unfortunately, I don’t always utilize those opportunities or moments as I should, and I miss out on the encouragement and support of other Christians in my daily life experiences.

In a world that devalues life, there is an increasing urgency for us to share the message that God loves life – no matter what the size or condition. How can we share that message? We don’t have to hold a theological degree or be highly educated in the sciences. We simply need to extend God’s love to those who are in need.

Can you collect and donate items to a pregnancy resource center in your community?

Can you plan/help organize a Life Sunday for your congregation?

Can you offer to babysit for a couple who has a disabled child so they can enjoy some time alone together?

Can you visit shut-ins or those who reside in nursing homes?

Can you financially support organizations that stand FOR LIFE?

Can you pray for unwed mothers and their unborn children, for those who suffer guilt because of a past abortion decision, for those who are disabled, for the sick and elderly?

There is much that we can do FOR LIFE if we commit our time, talents and treasures to sharing God’s truth about the value of all human life. What will you do FOR LIFE?


An opportunity for high school students:

The 2015 National Lutherans for Life Essay Contest is an opportunity for high school students to express their faith and witness to the sanctity of life. Essays should be submitted by February 28, 2015. For information and submission form, click here. For the rubrics, click here.

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Connie Davis is a member of St. Peter Lutheran Church in Macomb, Mich. and has served as president of Lutherans For Life of Michigan since 1994.

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