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This question comes from one of my favorite portions of Scripture, where a dejected Elijah, being chased by a vengeful Jezebel, is so blinded by his condition that he fails to notice he is in the presence of God. In 1 Kings 19, verses 9 and 13, this question is asked by God to His prophet. In a new year, I spend time reflecting on my purpose as I believe God will forever ask His people this powerful question. As I have reflected on this question for the last 37 years, I believe God blesses me to be a blessing to others. I think that answer is similar for each of us who are His disciples.

One way to be a blessing is to use His treasure, that we are stewards of, to assist others. The Michigan District Urban Scholarship Fund allows you the opportunity to help children attend their community Lutheran school. Last year, over $15,000 in interest was used to provide scholarships so that children might afford the cost of a Lutheran school education. The need for more scholarships is growing and I would like to see the principal of this fund grow so we have more opportunities to help other families with the interest.

Like Elijah, many people are looking for God but often don’t notice Him at work in their lives. They are too busy, distracted or dejected to realize their Savior longs to join them daily. Lutheran schools daily share a Living Christ with students and their families through Religion class, prayers, and the Christian role models teaching in our schools. The numbers of both students and schools has decreased over the last decade. But ironically, the value of spending daily time with Christ is still valued. Many parents make great sacrifices to ensure their child is daily in the company of Christ through a Lutheran education. We don’t want any of these families to say cost is the sole issue that keeps them from realizing the tremendous value found in 7 Lutheran high schools, 78 Lutheran elementary schools and over 158 Early Childhood Centers operating within our District.

If you would, please consider how you have been “blessed to be a blessing” in 2015. Please pray for our families who have children enrolled in our District Lutheran Schools. Consider a donation to the Scholarship fund by mailing a check to the District Office, attention of Bruce Braun. If you would like to have a conversation about this, contact me at

Thanks for your prayers and service to others as you seek to answer God’s question to Elijah and to each of us!

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Dr. Bruce Braun, emeritus, served many years as Superintendent of Schools for the Michigan District, LCMS.

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