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In a sad development for the pro-life movement, the long-awaited result for the Petition Drive for Banning Dismemberment Abortion in Michigan is now in, and apparently the State Bureau of Elections has decreed that we have fallen short in the number of valid signatures necessary to pass the petition. Planned Parenthood challenged the legitimacy of some of the signatures (some due to written errors or double-signings, but many were challenged just for the tiniest flaws in the petition, such as small tears and stains). Many people have put much time and work into this petition drive in the past year in Michigan, and this comes as a great disappointment.

Planned Parenthood may be rejoicing over their “win.” But think about it: They are rejoicing over preserving the right to dismember—yes, that means tearing apart little babies in the womb, limb by limb! Abominable. One thing is clear: we must continue to stand for the right to life of each and every child, as we also stand for the right to life for our elderly, our handicapped, our sick and dying. God help us, and grant us grace and courage and fortitude. Let us move ahead with renewed resolve and with a determination that cannot be shaken.

Thank you to ALL who took the time to circulate or sign the petitions. God bless you!

Our work for Life continues! In October, churches across Michigan will speak with ONE voice about ONE topic: Love Protects Life. Various FREE resources will help you promote, inform, inspire, and activate your congregation this fall  to engage, vote, and protect life during the general election. Why? Because being pro-life is biblically right, ethically sound, and constitutionally correct. If we love life, then let’s protect it. For more information, visit

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Rev. Paul Clark has been the pastor of St. Paul, Fowler for over 30 years. He serves as President of Lutherans for Life of Michigan, as well as the Pastoral Counselor. He serves also as the District Life Coordinator for the Michigan District – LCMS. Rev. Clark and his wife Elizabeth have three children through the blessing of adoption.

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