A Soul So Bright [POEM]1 min read

How does one craft a soul so bright
You can barely glimpse her splendor?
How does a heart crushed by those filled with fear
Pump blessings to all who are near her?

She’s more than coal and pressure
That over time diamonds create
She’s more than pain and agony
That have endured and aggregate

Her mind is not the product of
Random process or nature spent
But the Divine Spark within her shows
The purpose for which she’s meant

Circumstance and choices
Had their consequence and pain
But a poem that acknowledges her Author
Will have His sweet refrain

This one, Lord, is special
And was meant for higher things
So lift her up and heal her past
Give her soul a song and wings

And may her actions, words and thoughts
Conform to Your will and ways
And be an inspiration for those
Who upon her lovely life gaze

How does one craft a soul so bright
She shines for all to see?
It starts and ends with God’s design
Lived for His majesty

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About the Author

Rev. Brad Hubbard serves as Lead Pastor of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Battle Creek. He wrote this poem in response to ministering to the needs of some of the women in the community who have endured so much pain over the years, but whose passion remains steadfast for Christ and His Church!

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