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Patients of the Oncology Department at Detroit’s Children’s Hospital have rigorous chemotherapy sessions. The pokes and tests can be very painful at each procedure, and demoralizing over time.

The students and families of St. John, Fraser donated new toys and gifts to fill the Oncology Department’s treasure box. The young cancer patients look forward to the box to get through a treatment. The selection of a gift and the subsequent enjoyment of the item helps to take away some of the sting and hurt from the treatment. Hospital staff let the patients know that someone cared and shared that gift with them.

Over a period of two weeks, all the school families contributed to the campaign which Mrs. Topel, kindergarten teacher, coordinated. Principal David Waltz and students Denise Baloi and Samantha Holtz traveled to hospital to deliver the supplies.

This year, extra support and donations were received from the Kohl’s Department Store of Roseville, Mich. The business wanted to help provide surplus stuffed animals and books to the Oncology Department with the school’s efforts. This year’s campaign of donations from both the school and Kohl’s should help keep the treasure box full and smiles possible for a longer period of time.

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