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On Sunday, December 6, at Bethlehem, Saginaw’s Boar’s Head performance, the 6-8th graders who were not performing took inventory of the health and beauty items that were donated by Bethlehem members to give to the Saginaw Rescue Mission. Monetary donations for $140 were used to purchase items to add to the many items donated.

This activity was designed for several reasons:

  1. To provide structure for the kids when not performing;
  2. To provide an opportunity to make a difference in the community; and
  3. To reach out to the homeless neighbors in the area.

In addition, Bethlehem members donated Christmas cards for the kids to sign. Each card had the Luke 2:11 Bible verse written in it (“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord”), along with the signature “From your friends at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.” The kids then signed their name and passed it around the table for each one to sign.

Seventy-five of the cards were given to patients at the VA Hospital who’ve not had a visitor during their stay. Fifty cards were given to the homeless at the Rescue Mission along with the 566 health and hygiene items. The rest went to residents at local nursing homes, including our “Hoyt Friends” at Hoyt Nursing Home, who have a long-time relationship with Bethlehem.

The students prayed over the cards and gifts, asking God that the recipients know the love of Christ this season and that these items would bring hope and comfort to them.

The students at Bethlehem not only shared the Good News of the birth of Jesus with all who attended the four Boar’s Head Festival performances, but also took time behind the scenes to share this News with the homeless, forgotten veterans, and elderly in our community. To God be the glory!

Photo courtesy of Stacey Stahl

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Stacey Stahl is the wife of Rev. Michael Stahl (teacher of theology at Saginaw Valley Lutheran High School). She is mother to Alannah and Jaden, and the Communications Coordinator at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Saginaw.

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