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This article was originally published in David and Joyce Erber’s missionary newsletter. The Michigan District, LCMS supports the Erbers with funds from the International Missions Initiative of the Here We Stand campaign. You can learn more about the Erbers in our World Missions page.

We had some very special visitors on a recent evening: Abraham and Sarah and baby Grace came to see us!

Abraham has been one of my students at the seminary for the last two years. They were leaving the next day for Abraham’s vicarage assignment in the Western part of the country. Since we don’t have married student housing at the seminary, this was my first time of meeting Sarah and the baby.

Abraham enjoyed telling Joyce and Sarah all his favorite stories about me in the classroom. He told about all the hours they had to work on my assignments, about how my test questions were tricky, and how he had to read each one six times to get them right; about how I talked to them as if they were my friends and that I cared about them and their future ministry. He told them about the time I arrived at the seminary in the middle of a severe allergic attack (from a diseased mango tree). They all insisted I should go to the hospital. I wasn’t going to do that. However, I wouldn’t leave for home until after I finished my lesson with them. He said my Bible lessons were always really great. He told Sarah and Joyce that he wanted to be just like me. That was really special.

But then it got better! Abraham told us about Sarah. Abraham told how he really didn’t want to go to seminary. He wanted to delay a year. Sarah was seven months pregnant and he couldn’t bear to leave her. But she insisted. She helped him pack his bag and carried it to the bus station. Sarah put Abraham and his bag on the bus and sent him off. He could hardly take it but she was determined! What a courageous young lady!

Now Abraham and Sarah are excited to be taking off on vicarage, just like Joyce and I did years ago. They are a beautiful young family and excited to begin serving the Lord and His church.

Joyce and I feel tremendously privileged to be a part of their lives and to have been a part of Abraham’s preparation for serving as a pastor. We wanted to share this blessing with you.

Thank you for your prayers for us and our work!

Photos courtesy of David and Joyce Erber

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David Erber serves as a missionary in Accra, Ghana, teaching at the seminary. His wife Joyce serves as the regional business manager for Africa.

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Craig Britton - August 31, 2023

Amazing couple these two. The Erbers, I mean. They are at home in our congregation in Jackson. And they and their family have been bringing the hope of the gospel to many for so long a time. Now Abraham, Sarah, and baby Grace will carry that torch and become another family heralding the good news to our African family. Ain’t God grand?