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To celebrate National Lutheran Schools Week, we have collected devotions written by elementary school children. The following was written by a student named Colton from St. Peter Lutheran School in Big Rapids.

Tom came into Sunday school and he already knew it was going to be a bad day. Two kids were having a screaming contest, one was crying, and the other five were wrestling (one of them already had a black eye).

“Oh my gosh,” he thought, “Am I the only civilized kid here?”

All of a sudden, Mrs. Johansen, his Sunday school teacher, said, “Okay class, gather ‘round, and Johnny please don’t bite Lisa, that’s why she’s crying. Now, why did Jesus come to earth?”

Nine hands shot up. “Jordan, why did Jesus come?”

“To do miracles,” he replied.

“Not quite!” said Mrs. Johansen, “Now listen to Matthew 20:28, ‘Even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.’ Now what does that mean?” Zero hands went up. “It means that Jesus came here to serve God, not to be served by servants. He also came to give His life on the cross for us and pay for our sins. Jesus didn’t come here to be a bossy leader, He came to be a kind and helpful servant of God.”

“Wow,” the entire class exclaimed.

“Oops, time to go! Okay everyone, have a good week!”

As Tom got into the car, his dad asked, “How was it? What did you learn?”

“Lots of stuff, good stuff, new stuff!” he replied. He looked out the window and smiled.

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