Why I Want to be a Lutheran School Teacher1 min read

Ever since I was old enough to play make-believe, I’ve wanted to become a teacher. We had desks and chalkboards set up in our basement and I “played school” with my sister and friends. I’ve grown up with the dream of becoming a teacher someday, and that desire has only grown stronger. I’ve watched my parents (both teachers) help their students and genuinely take pleasure in their jobs. I enjoy helping others, which I’d be able to do every day in the classroom. I’ve had numerous teachers that have been inspirational examples for me as I’ve gone through my school years. As if I hadn’t been confident enough in my decision to become a teacher, many of my teachers have reinforced my determination.

During my time in college, I have found that I want to incorporate teaching the faith into my career. I can do that by teaching in a Lutheran school, a place where I can pray with, and for, my students without worrying about the legal ramifications. I can also speak freely about my Savior, who is important to me.

Believers are called to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19 ESV). This is an opportunity to go out in the world and spread the Good News. As a servant of Christ, my desire is to utilize my gifts throughout Lutheran education. Because I grew up in Lutheran schools and will continue my career in that environment, I know my life will continue to be transformed and I will enjoy the privilege of paying it forward to my future students.

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About the Author

Sarah Koch is a graduate from Concordia University Ann Arbor. She currently serves LSEM as a Special Ed teacher in the Indiana District.

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