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Hashtags connect conversations on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Conversations can happen around a single, one-time event, or connect ongoing topics. Creating a hashtag is easy: when you are sending out post through a social network like Twitter, simply add “#” before any word or phrase to make it a link. Following a conversation is equally easy: click on the hashtag link and you will be redirected to a newsfeed. You can also go to sites such as or and type in a hashtag.

Example Tweet: “I love connecting with fellow Lutheran educators using #LuthEd on Twitter!”

In the example above, #LuthEd would become a hyperlink that would lead to a stream of resources, stories, and thoughts sent out by Lutheran educators from around the world.

For events, like the All Pastors’ Conferences, we encourage pastors to add #miLCMSpastors to their tweets and posts in order to link the ongoing conversation. For the 2014 High School Youth Gathering, entitled “Lighthouse,” we used #lighthouse14. For general Michigan District news and stories, we utilize the hashtag #miLCMS, so anyone can click on the hashtag and easily view our previous news stories.

Start Using Hashtags Today!

Click the tweet below to send out a message with a hashtag.

[Tweet “I love being a part of the #miLCMS community! Be sure to follow @miLCMS :)”]

Stay Tuned

Be sure to follow the Michigan District, LCMS on Twitter – our handle is @miLCMS (the direct link is Any church could also use #miLCMS and add their story to the conversation.

See you online!

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