Twelve Ideas for Being a Witness to Your Quarantined Neighborhood at Easter2 min read

We are all under the shelter-in-place order, which means Easter worship will take place via livestream and there will be no community egg hunt, breakfast at church, or dinner with extended family. But God gave us creativity, and we still have joy in knowing that our Lord is risen for us! What, then, CAN we do to celebrate the gift of eternal life with God and be a witness in our neighborhood?

Here are some ideas!

  1. Make a stained-glass window using tape and paint (here’s an example)
  2. Decorate windows with paper eggs for kids to count when they drive by (in lieu of an egg hunt)
  3. Color a prayer card (you can find templates here) and pray for your neighbors, then take a picture and send it to them electronically
  4. Make yard signs to tell the Easter story (click here for inspiration and templates)
  5. Use your whole driveway and sidewalk to tell the story of the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus. There will be no grading on artwork quality!
  6. Hide eggs in your living room or family room, then post a picture to have a virtual Easter egg hunt. Tell people how many eggs there are. (Obviously, the eggs will need to be visible at some level for identification.) Respond to those who engage with your picture with an Easter greeting and invite them to a viewing party online with your congregation for Easter morning!
  7. Following along the tradition of tying a yellow ribbon around a tree, tie a cross to a tree, and then at Easter tie a sign to the tree that says, “He is Risen!”

    Designs by Pat Maier
  8. Draw a picture of an empty tomb with the words “He is Risen” and put that in your window for Easter.
  9. Write a verse of Scripture or a note of encouragement on your sidewalk.
  10. Put a big poster board on your window with your church’s livestream address and invite people to join.
  11. On your sidewalk, write “How can we pray for you?” and leave a bucket of chalk nearby for people to write their requests.
  12. On your sidewalk, draw a stained-glass window or another Christian design with sidewalk chalk (click here to download the template shown on this page).

Will you try one or more of these? When you do, take a picture and share it with us by tagging #milcms!

Have a blessed Easter!

Photo (c) Reed Hewitt/Lightstock

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